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We are a family owned local laundry provider, offering Dry Cleaning, Wash & Fold, Wash & Iron and Self Service options to our customers. We pride ourselves on quick turnaround and exceptional service. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a pickup or ask about anyone of our many services. Thank you for using us to serve your laundry needs. 


Perfect for anything you want cleaned, pressed and returned on a hanger. 

This service is ideally for dress shirts, suits, sweaters, dresses and blouses. 

We pre-treat all stains, clean the clothing and press them by hand. 


We offer two options depending on the type of shirt; Dry Cleaning or Wash & Iron. For those delicate shirts requiring extra care we Dry Clean. 

Both services we pre-treat neck/wrist collars and armpits for stains.

We specialize in stain removal and fast turnaround on laundered shirts. 


We wash and fold your clothing as per your preference. We use eco-friendly soap along with major brands at no additional cost to you. You always have the option of suppling your own soap if you choose to. 

We pickup your dirty clothing and return the next day folded and smelling fresh.


We Dry Clean these to preserve the texture and fabric to ensure their extended lifespan.

We inspect for any stains, tears, damages prior to cleaning. We clean and press every inch to ensure quality workmanship. We want your linen looking perfect for every occasion. 


You spent a lot of time and money on your dream day. Let us clean and preserve your Wedding Gown/Suit. 

Expert stain removal by qualified technicians. 

We can rid any yellow staining on shirts and gowns. 


We specialize in leather, fur and suede cleaning. Having a strong understanding and appreciation for these delicate fabrics is what sets us apart. 

Please note the fur cleaning process is very different from the dry cleaning process used on clothing. This unfortunately adds more processing time to your order. 

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